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    84Luo, Ting-Kung,1995,Competition between plasmid-bearing and plasmid-free orgabisms in a chemostat with an inhibitor,Journal of mathematical biology,34,pp225-238Ting-Kung Luo
    83Luo, Ting-Kung,1994,On the classification of radial solutions for Du+k(|X|)exp(2u)=0 in Rn,Journal of differential equation,110,2,pp254-275Ting-Kung Luo
    83Lin, Chi-Tien and Lin, Wei-Yueh,1994,Estimates for the Eigenvalues and the Gap of the First Two Eigenvalues of the Sturm-Liouville Equations,Chinese Journal of Mathematics,22,2,pp159-166Wei-Yueh Lin
    83Lin, Chi-Tien*, Wei-Yueh Lin,1994,Estimates for the Eigenvalues And the Gap of the First Two Eigenvalues of the Sturm-Liouville Equations,Chinese Journal of Mathematics,22,2,pp159-166
    82Tsai Whey-Fone*, Chen Ching-Jen , and Tien Hui-Chun,1993,Finite Analytic Numerical Solutions for Unsaturated FlowFlow with Irregular Boundaries,Journal of Hydraulic Engineering,vol 119,Nov 11,pp1274-1299Hui-Chun Tien
    81Samules, M.L., Lu, Tai-Fang C.,1992,Sample Size Requirements for the Back-of-the-envelope Binomial Confidence Intervals,American Statistician,46,3,pp228-234
    79Ting, N., Burdick, R.K., Graybill, F.A., Jeyaratnam, S., Lu, Tai-Fang C.,1990,Confidence Intervals on Linear Combinations of Variance Components that are Unrestricted in Sign,Journal Statistical Computation Simulation,35,pp135-143
    78Lu, Tai-Fang C., Graybill, F.A., Burdick, R.K.,1989,Confidence Intervals on the Ratio of Expected Mean Sauares (θ1-dθ2)/θ3,Journal of Statistical Planning & Inference,21,pp179-190
    77Lu, Tai-Fang C., Graybill, F.A., Burdick, R.K.,1988,Confidence Intervals on a Difference of Expected Mean Squares,Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference,18,pp35-43


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