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    90Luh, Lin-Tian,2001,The Equivalence Theory of Native Spaces,Approximation Theory and its Application[MathSciNet],17,1,pp76-96Lin-Tian Luh
    90Lin, Chi-Tien, Tadmor, Eitan,2001,L1-stability and Error Estimates for Approximate Hamilton-Jacobi Solutions,Numerische Mathematik,87,pp701-735
    89羅主斌,2000,反應擴散偏微分方程簡介,數學傳播季刊,24,3,pp46-56Chu-Pin Lo
    89Lin, Chi-Tien, Tadmor, Eitan,2000,High-Resolution Non-oscillatory Central Schemes for Hamilton-Jacobi Solutions,SIAM Sci. Comp,21,6,pp2163-2186
    87G.-S. Jiang, D. Levy, C.-T. Lin, S. Osher,E. Tadmor,1998,High-Resolution Non-Oscillatory Central Schemes with Non-Staggered Grids for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws,SIAM Numerical Analysis,35,6,pp2147-2168
    87Lu, J.Y., Chen, J.Y., Chang, F.H., Lu, Tai-Fang C.,1998,Characteristics of Shallow Rain-Impacted Flow over a Smooth Bed,Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, ASCE,124,12,pp1242-1252
    87Nien, Chia-Hsing,1998,An Algorithm for the Computation of Preimages in Noninvertible Mappings,International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos,8,1,pp415-422Chia-Hsing Nien
    87Nien, Chia-Hsing,1998,The Dynamics of Planar Quatratic Maps with Nonempty Bounded Critical Set,International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos,8,1,pp95-105Chia-Hsing Nien
    84Luo, Ting-Kung,1995,Global analysis of a model of plasmid-bearing, plasmid-free competition in a chemostat with inhibitions,Journal of mathematical biology,34,pp41-76Ting-Kung Luo


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